Wednesday, October 20, 2010


When you work constantly the days begin to blur together. I find myself asking what day of the week it is. The hours, however, seem to crawl by most of the time. We have both begun to feel much more comfortable in our positions at work. Becoming an important part of our community is a great feeling. Its also very nice to know your way around your department and get along with your co workers. A couple of days ago, Betty, a very sweet grandmother of seven, joined our bakery team. And then there were three.

The highlight of my day today... two of my three boxes arrived! They were sent on the 13th. It only took one week for them to arrive. Matt's box however, took much longer. From now on I think packages will be sent via UPS. What can brown do for you? Well, they beat out the competitors when it comes to getting boxes to the arctic in good time. Now I'm just waiting for box three of three, the heaviest one. I honestly don't even remember whats in it. I was most eager to get my hands on the Q-tips, my Uggs and the coffee crisp/ after eight/ rolo hot chocolate that we picked up at Costco before we left. I was really excited to see that my parents had snugly packed away forty ounces of Polish Vodka in one of my boxes. It feels a little bit like Christmas! (Which I have started my shopping for but cant tell you what Ive purchased until after the holidays so that I don't give the surprise away to some of my biggest fans - my beautiful family)

I particularly wanted to have my Uggs a couple cold nights ago. I got off work at nine in the evening and had planned on walking home with a couple of girls from work. When they suggested taking a taxi I literally laughed out loud, thinking, 'I don't care how bad the weather is, its a five minute walk to the apartments.' Kayla made me come to the front of the store to attempt to open the front door... It took every ounce of my strength. When I realized that the noises I had been hearing from inside the bakery were being made by the wind outside, I gave in and agreed to the fifty second drive. The wind was blowing at 98 km/hr that night. Being that the buildings here are built on stilts, we could feel everything shaking and swaying. We were literally rocked to sleep that night. It was terrifying and exciting all at once. That was the same night our heat was out. We were huddled around space heaters for the evening. People complain about nights like that but I thoroughly enjoy them. Sometimes they act as the spice of life. And to be honest, when the days are blurring and you cant remember what day of the week it is, its nice to be able to refer to a specific date as, 'the windy day.' Some other memorable dates around here are, 'the day the schools closed because of the dump fire,' 'the day of the fire drill,' 'the day we got the box that held our boots,' 'the day the cable went out,' and most recently, today, 'the day the cable came back on!'

Now that I have both pairs of my boots, my winter ensemble is almost complete. We have two beautiful 'pang' hats that Matt and I will be sharing or fighting over since both of our coats are black and only one of the hats has black in it. I have gloves and a neck warmer. My beautiful new Canada Goose, Arctic Program Coat. Which I paid five hundred and thirty something dollars for. I went for the 'Trillium' and I bought it at our store instead of ordering it in because I figured I would need it sooner than it could be sent. All I really need now is a pair of snow pants, which I will probably buy at a later date. Matt has his boots and hat but is much less prepared for the weather. He told me today that he thinks he might make it through the winter with just a sweatshirt under his spring jacket. I laughed but decided to avoid the argument... he'll have proof enough when winter hits.

Before signing off I just want to say happy birthday to Doris Davidson! Hoping your day was brilliant <3

Happily waiting for snow that stays,
With love from Iqaluit.


Stacey said...

Enjoy the little surprise! Stay warm.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading your blog (Stacey mentioned it to me). I smiled at your coat--wise purchase. Why are the houses on stilts?

lisa said...

I'm soooo happy your warm sweetie and you sound alittle more you Mommy