Saturday, April 9, 2011


Spring has arrived in Iqaluit. The days are long and sunny and beautiful. It's getting warmer, today is a sweltering -11, -14 with wind. It'll sink back into the -20's later in the week but for now we are enjoying the revitalizing qualities of the warm sun.

In the dead of winter, I longed to feel the suns warmth on my cheeks and now I can. It is a beautiful feeling that reminds me of spring time down South.

We probably have more sun now than Ontario does. On Wednesday the sun woke me as it shone through my window before six in the morning.

Today I slept in and when I woke up I pulled the curtains open behind my head and let the sun shine down on me. I lay there in bed, stretching in the glow as the cats did the same thing by my feet.

Spring brought inspiration with it. I rearranged all my furniture in the living room and moved my bed. I cleaned the apartment from top to bottom and it feels a little more like its my own. I was afraid of this, of being left alone here, and now I wonder why I was so timid. I feel independence pumping in my veins and everyday is a refreshing reminder of the incredible experience I've been given.

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