Saturday, September 24, 2011

Swimsuits and Snow in September

To me, its humorous to see a day where it snows from start to finish in the middle of September. It feels so out of the ordinary. I remember as a child, I would walk home from school in September. After a long day, I would drag myself home in the heat, my school bag sticking to my back. I remember having no energy left, wishing for a five minute snowfall or a rain storm to cool the City down.

The other day, it snowed from the beginning of the day to the very end. I stood in the window at work watching the big white flakes, thinking to myself, as I always do, that they are such a beautiful gift. Then I would laugh. Snow in September. This is remarkable to me. I love how different my world here is from my world down South.

I wanted to indulge in the humour that I found in the day by bringing my worlds together. I got home from work and dug out my swim suit. I slipped into my winter boots, and mitts. I put my ear muffs on and I danced in the snow.

I showed up with Katie at the apartments on the plateau and we dragged our friends into the fun too. Welcome to September in the North and snow angel fun in bathing suits.

I may be crazy, and my cold may have gotten a little worse but I will never regret anything that makes me smile.

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