Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thanksgiving in Iqaluit

October 10th, 2011

This makes day 13 of working extremely long hours and surviving on very little sleep. Four am feels earlier every morning. Katie and I lost our bakers, Emily and Nadine, to vacation for most of the month of October. Because of this, we are working triple duty. I am taking the day off tomorrow and letting Katie suffer alone and then I will do the suffering on Wednesday so she can spend one day at home.
This life is crazy and often rewarding but is currently draining us of all of our sanity, energy and patience. It's hard to manage people when you can hardly manage your own emotions and thoughts. I'm lucky that I get to suffer with one of my dearest friends by my side. Instead of fighting with her when I start to get overwhelmingly frustrated, we get it out in less conventional ways.
This evening I went to throw out the leftover unfinished donuts, I took one in my hand and looked at Katie, "can I smoosh this in your face?" I asked. To my surprise she gave me permission. To her surprise the donut had already been filled with the filling of a Boston cream. The smoosh was satisfying and made us both laugh.
I came around the corner a few minutes later, got pegged against the back wall of the bakery and had no choice but to let Katie have her revenge. I took a glazed and filled blueberry fritter in the face.

We also celebrated Thanksgiving last night, which brought together many of our Iqaluit friends on the bottom floor of our building. We ate, we drank and we laughed. I say it all the time but thanksgiving reminded me of how thankful I am for each and every one of the people in my life. I am blessed to have the family that I have found in Nunavut. The people that surround me have changed my life, they keep me going and they inspire me everyday. 

The Dinner Table

We have had so many friends leave over the past year but have made so many new ones as well. This year Cara, Shawn, Marcel, Edith and baby Dryden moved to Iqaluit from Inuvik. Cara and Shawn are also Southern Ontarians. Matt, our new assistant store manager and his family joined in as well. We also had Kayla's mom Kathy join us this year.  

Cara, one of the newest residents of the 8 plex
It was another successful, family away from family, dinner in Iqaluit.


Anonymous said...

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving...we had another one without you (sad)You are looking great! Can't wait to see you in December!!! Here I come Iqaluit!!

Anonymous said...

This is Cara's Mom...Thank you for being Cara's friend. She has often talked about you & I was thrilled to read your blog. I started at the beginning & have enjoyed everything that you have shared. You echo my favorite saying "Life is a journey not a destination" Keep enjoying your journey. Hugs Liz Rose

Melissa said...

Wow, thanks for reading Momma Rose. I love that saying. I try my best to live by it. Cara has been a blessing to have around and is a beautiful addition to our little family of misfits away from their families :)She is an incredible woman. Hopefully you'll get to come visit some day and we'll get the chance to meet her mommy!