Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Worlds Most Northern Golf Course

I have never been golfing before, surprising as my fathers side of the family are avid golfers, every single one of them, aunts, uncles and cousins. When I spend time with them, an hour barely passes without some mention of the sport.

I may need to try it out at least once as this tiny town is home to the World's most northern golf course... or as the sign says, "The Worlds Most Northernly 9 Hole Golf Course in the World." I couldn't suppress a smile at the sight of said sign.

Note that this tiny town is also home to what feels like the Worlds strongest winds... I don't doubt that the winter here brings painful walking experiences. I'm not sure my ball would make it anywhere near my target point should I attempt it. I suppose you need to be the kind of avid golfer my father is to be able to account for the excessive strength of this northern wind and still golf a successful game.

Evening view from the 5th hole

 I hear that there is an annual celebrity golf tournament held here. I wonder who pays for the flights of those celebrities and if they come just to boast about playing the worlds most northern course?

As I walk these streets I can't help but think that this town and all of its inhabitants really know how to live the good life. They live a quiet life and though it may not be entirely free of dramatics, it isn't like Iqaluit with fist fights in the streets and a sell and swap Facebook page where people are posting daily, looking for things that have been stolen right out of their houses. The people here are genuinely kind, they smile and in ten out of twelve instances they stop to shake your hand and tell you who they are. The other two instances are just shy folks who will still offer a smile. I've met people and have been told afterwards, "You go to him when you need something fixed," or "He knows his way around anything that needs welding." Even, "He's the guy you need when there's a skidoo or ATV that needs some work."

Selfie on the course with Katie

These people know who is out on the water by the look of their boat in the distance, who just drove out of town on a machine and who is working at which store at what point of the day. It feels a little bit like neighborhood watch without the window stickers and a lot like the small town you've always been looking for. I've met people who came, fell in love with the community and stayed, and heard of people who are here to hide out. Either way, there is no shortage of people who have found their happiness here.


Anonymous said...

I found this out for you on the Golf Tournament. Each summer the Billy Joss Open Celebrity Golf Tournament is held to raise funds for literacy programs in the north. The three-day tournament includes both day and night golfing under the 24 hour sun.
The tournament is named after Hudson's Bay Company trader Billy Joss, who began playing golf in the community in 1969. In an article from 2009 it said Celebrity participants have included players from the Edmonton Oilers and Edmonton EskimosOver the years they have managed to attract players from the Edmonton Oilers and Edmonton Eskimos, as well as golfers from other countries. This tournament is growing and features excursions to traditional fishing and hunting areas. Keep the blogging coming. MIssing you lots, love Andrea

Louise Speth said...

Wow. Golfing goes THAT far ? And I thought there are too many golf courses in these parts :) Shows how much of a venerable sport this is, that it can persist in whatever location or context. Would love to take a trip to that golf course someday.

Louise @ Winning Ways Golf

Acton Ace said...

Seems to be very exiting to play at worlds most northern golf course