Monday, February 14, 2011

Skidoo Day

Yesterday was my day off and I wanted to make the most of it. I woke up at 7:30, without an alarm, this is typical for me now as my body has become so adjusted to bakers hours again. I worked out for an hour, showered had a really great breakfast and got ready for a day date with our friend Robert. All the while, Matt was snoring away.

Robert had told me that he would take me out on the sled someday and yesterday happened to be the perfect day. It was negative forty something with the windchill but it was such an incredible, sunny day. The perfect day for my first Skidoo ride.

Robert came over and helped me get suited up for the outing. I don't own snow pants and I thought that three pairs of pants would work just as well. Robert laughed at this and brought an extra pair of sled worthy pants for me to wear. It was a good thing too. When we were out on the bay I could still feel a slight chill through the snow pants and all three pairs of pants I wore underneath. I found myself grateful for his advice.

Before we hit the trails, Robert looked back at me and asked if I was a screamer.

At the end of the Road to Nowhere

I'm not sure if he could hear me laughing behind him the whole time. My first skidoo ride turned out to be the most fun thing I've done since arriving in Iqaluit. We took trails up towards Apex and Robert took me as far North as the end of the Road to Nowhere. He then took me as far South as I've been here. We rode out over the Bay until we couldn't see anything in any direction. We couldn't hear a thing out there when we stopped the engine. I got off the machine and thought, 'wow, i live in the arctic.' I asked how far we could actually go, he said it was far but we could go as far as moving water and when he saw the light in my eyes, he proceeded to tell me that there were polar bears out there, and that we could get stuck and drift away on an ice float. Shutting down the idea. Some day I would love to see the floe edge and a live polar bear.

I got to drive back, it felt freeing although my companion felt the need to poke fun at the safe speed I kept us moving at. We stopped to watch a dog team run past us, waving at the man on the sled as he passed with a smile on his face. Iqaluit is such an exquisite place and getting out on the land and ice was such an inspiring experience. I enjoyed every second of it, the way the wind made my eyes water, the way my tears froze on my lashes and cheeks. The sun felt so welcoming and as we rode out further on the bay it was as if we were heading right into the light.

The visor on my helmet fogged up too fast every time I put it down to avoid the wind so I left it up most of the trip in order to see clearly. My face frosted over and stung but it didnt matter, all I cared was that I felt present, happy and invigorated.

We got back to land and rode down to Sylvia Grinnel park, which was lovely to see and we made plans to visit in the future when the water is running free. There are lots of picnic spots and before Robert moves to Nova Scotia and Matt and I head home for vaccation in the summer, we intend to picnic.

Matthew, Robert and I headed out for linner (lunch/dinner) and I actually paid for food for the first time since moving to Iqaluit. I have been a very thrify saver and have relied only on the food allowance we have through work. It felt good to spend real cash on real not-so-diet food for once.

All in all my Saturday was an excellent day. I am so thankful for the snow, the ice and good company.


Joc E said...

Hey Melissa,
My hubby and are I moving to Iqaluit in March and I sure have enjoyed reading your blog and getting a small taste of what it will be like. Love the pictures and the stories.

Stacey said...

I am happy to hear the excitement in your words again. What freedom and beauty you must have experienced skidooing in the Artic!

Thibeault's Table said...

Melissa, I spent some time last night reading your blog from the beginning.

You write beautifully and I have really enjoyed following your adventure.


Melissa said...

Thank you aall for your kind words. Joc, if you need any advice or questions answered about moving here, let me know. You're going to love it!