Friday, July 29, 2011

Northern flora

Since my return from the South, I have been blown away by the green that I've found in Iqaluit. Since September last year, I haven't seen a more beautiful month for flora. Tuesday was my day off so my friends Kayla, Sherri and Jill joined me for an afternoon on the land. We hiked as far as we could on the land across the bay. We climbed and scaled and even took a polar bear dip in a secluded spot that we found in the Ocean. We snapped some pictures of the cute tiny flowers that you can find on the land in the summer.

Other than this excursion on the land, I haven't done much since I've been home. I have been managing Tim's without my other half in business, Katie. I've been living at work and sleeping whenever I get a chance. It's a good way to keep my mind off of missing everyone and everything about Ontario. I did however, bite the bullet and max out my credit card to purchase my mommy a round trip to come and spend two weeks in Iqaluit over Christmas. This gives me something new to count down to! I used to think that no one in my family would ever get to see where I live. They wouldn't see my apartment or where I work. I cant wait for my mom to meet all of my friends here and of course, to enjoy the City with her.

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