Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Canadian Thank You

Some times in such a small City I wonder when things will stop surprising me, when the opportunities will run dry and boredom will set in. It never seems to happen.

I have a friend here named Collin, who moved up from Newfoundland. Collin has a friend in Iraq who buys a round of Tim Hortons coffee for his troops once a month on behalf of the Canadian Army Veterans Motorcycle Units. Collin decided that he wanted to do the same for the service personnel in Iqaluit.

We discovered that there were going to be about thirty soldiers in Iqaluit on stop over on Wednesday so we made coffee, packed up some donuts and headed over to surprise our new friends.

We had a fantastic time and it was wonderful to meet all of these kind men and women. Most of this group was stopped over and leaving later that day but we met a few people who stay in Iqaluit. One man in particular, Joe had only moved to Iqaluit the previous day. I'm glad I had the opportunity to welcome him to his new home.

To have the chance to get involved with the community I live in and to create relationships with wonderful people is something I always appreciate. All in all this was a fantastic day and we were so glad to be able to say thank you to our troops in a small way.

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Dave H said...

Hi Melissa, Thank you for doing that for your local troops. As a retired Navy vet I can tell you they appreciated that more than you know.

Thanks again