Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Bibbity Bobbity Boo

Bibbity bobbity boo.... Cinderella had mice to help her with the dirty work and a fairy God mother to dress, and transport her to the Ball.

Today, while we dipped donuts, Katie and I talked about how quickly the time has gone by since I booked a ticket for my mom to visit me in the North. I remembered thinking that the count down was very close to the 130 day countdown I had going while I waited for my vacation to arrive last June. There is little over a month left until Christmas, which mom will be here for. We came to the realization that there have been about a hundred days that slipped through the cracks without us noticing.

I don't do countdowns anymore, the anticipation hurts my brain. Days fly by because we keep busy with work. We tried to think of the fun things we had done over the last hundred days. The list we came up with was short. Poker night, girls night, Halloween party, thanksgiving dinner, one movie and one Friday night gathering. That's six nights out in a hundred days, I don't like that ratio. I'm young and single and have the entire world in front of me. Although I came here with a job, I came for the adventure, the travel and the excitement of a world other than my own. I often feel as though I'm a slave to a job that wont take me anywhere soon. It bothers me immensely but as long as I want to stay in Iqaluit, I need to have short term solutions. The best one I have is to try and get out more often.

One of Iqaluit's biggest events every year is the First Air Ball. Last year I watched everyone in awe as they headed for the ball dawning gowns and tuxedos. This year my good friend Nick asked me to accompany him. One problem... I left all of my stilettos, dresses and jewellery packed away down South.

I had my dad send me a gown as soon as possible. When you live in Nunavut however, as soon as possible, is never soon enough.

Que the fairy God mother I've been waiting for. The ball is on Saturday and I have three weekdays left to hope and pray that my gown arrives. I cannot for the life of me find the earrings I want to wear, my shoes don't feel right and if Canada Post lets me down this time... well, I don't know what I'll do.

These are the joys of living so far from the convenience of shopping malls. I never, ever, imagined missing them.

Crossing my fingers for a fitting pair of glass slippers, a pumpkin turned coach and a lady with wings to conjure me up a gown that is currently lost in transit.

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Anonymous said...

So, did you get your dress on time!?