Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Playing Dress Up

My second Halloween in Iqaluit was incredible. This spooky holiday may just be one of my favorites. It's the perfect excuse to dress up like something I could never get away with on an ordinary day. It's also a really creepy way to discover the strange things, like fangs, that turn people on. I'm laughing out loud thinking about the winks and come-on's I've received in the last few days. I secretly (or not so secretly anymore) fantasize about being madly in love with Edward Cullen. Inspired, I went out to party this year as a vampire. Contacts, fangs, a less than appropriate outfit and some fake blood turned me into a member of the undead club.

 My bakers left Katie and I for almost a month, while they vacationed and partied. They returned just in time for Halloween weekend. Katie and I took the weekend off. I actually had three days off in a row and with them I relaxed, partied and nursed myself back to health.

 Epic... I don't like to use the word unless it is perfectly suitable to the situation. Let me just say, the party we threw on Saturday night was absolutely epic. We got the gang together, some of whom brought along a few new faces to our party scene. We drank, we laughed and we used the night to unwind.

 It felt so good to get out of work mode and enjoy my friends again. I'm already getting excited for the next holiday to come around. Partly because I love throwing dinner parties but also because I can't wait to put up my tree and decor. My number one reason for the excitement however, is the arrival of my mom.

To end the Halloween holiday, I worked the closing shift at Tim's and took a quick break to accompany the babies of building 197 trick-or-treating for the first time. (The babes weren't fooled at all by my disguise)

 Proud mommas, Katie and Edith had awe in their eyes as they watched their little trick-or-treater's dressed up and ready to go. I was camera happy and documented the whole trip, to all three doors.

 Little Elmo (Dryden) and our little fairy princess, Shemekia, looked slightly lost but immensely adorable as they stumbled around in costume.

 The babies were satisfied with a cheesy each, which I can appreciate. The temperatures on Halloween in Iqaluit are far from the temperatures I remember down South. I recall a few years where we went out without coats or sweaters. In Iqaluit, the cold temperatures killed my camera after a few minutes outside. I was lucky to catch these memories and to see these beautiful babies all costumed up.

Here's to the most fantastic Halloween season and those dimples on Elmo.

With Love from Iqaluit

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Melody! said...

Aaah I'm so bummed I missed Hallowe'en in IQ! Excited for Christmas though - it'll be my first full Christmas away from home (I've always flown back to NS), but I'm sure it'll still be one to remember. :)