Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Brain Soup, Coming to a Blog near you

My mind has turned to mush. I know I mentioned it before, but really... my mind has become a data base that NEVER turns off. Grocery lists, to do lists, to call lists, to clean lists, to prepare for lists and add a baby to the scenario and voila, mush.

I booked my ticket to Qikiqtarjuaq! I fly out on December 23rd, with a brief stop in Pangnirtung, which I am very excited about as it is a gorgeous City. I doubt I will see it with much quality light as late December is the darkest time of year up where we are. Katie sent me a few photos while she was en route to Qik, she took pictures of the mountains and the airport, they were breath taking, even from her cell phone. I fly out of Iqaluit at 7:45am and the flight is just over 2 hours, not including the stop.

Katie's pictures of Qikiqtarjuaq

The City of Qikiqtarjuaq

The other day Katie was in bed and heard a commotion outside of her house, when she looked outside she found a crowd of people, all looking off in the same direction, their gazes trailing a polar bear that had literally walked right next to her house. I begged for a photo of the paw prints but the following day was a snowy one and she had missed the window of opportunity.

Katie's house while she is in Qik

I get that I wont be able to do much solo exploring in Qik, but the thought of seeing a polar bear thrills me. Iqaluit, as wonderful a place as it is, does not offer a very wide array of wildlife within the City. If you want to find the fauna you need to venture out onto the land. Luckily, we do experience excitement in the form of blizzards, which Jenna got to witness two days ago, I wondered if I sounded so foreign when I reacted to my first storm.

Brody and I falling through the snow in Iqaluit

I haven't quite started packing yet, but it's on one of the many lists in my head. I cant wait to get organized and packed up as my apartment feels like a bird cage, small and cramped. With Jenna and her current diaper caking project on the go, her Christmas shopping sprawling across her dresser (which might I add, is in my living room) and baby stuff EVERYWHERE, we are a little tight.

As you know, I live in a one bedroom apartment. In December, I will have three house guests at one point. My tiny apartment will be temporary home to four adults, one baby and two cats. Yay!

We have a lot coming up, Jenna, like I said, has been making tiered cakes made of baby diapers to sell while she is here, as baby shower gifts. She has booked a table at a craft show this Sunday and asked me to bake real goodies to accompany her diaper goodies. She has also volunteered Brody and I to model with her in Northmart's annual fashion show. Dad arrives on the 12th and my other guest, who I am supposed to be keeping a surprise leaves on the 13th.

Jenna's Project

Lots of excitement. Lots to look forward to.