Friday, November 2, 2012

Music and Costumes

Mommy brain, it really exists. I secretly believe that television sends my four month old baby subliminal messages so even when hes napping I only watch Tree House, no commercials, no advertisements and lots of subtle baby lessons learned. Great for him, however it is turning my brain to mush. Half of me longs for time out, a single drink in hand, a few good laughs and adult conversation, the other half of me trusts no one with my baby's bed time routine and refuses to leave him without his mommy for more than half an hour.

We did go out once since my sister, Brody and I arrived home. When I was away I heard that the National Arts Centre's Orchestra was on their Northern Canada Tour. It was the first time an Orchestra would play in Iqaluit... I had to have tickets. My friend Sherri found them at Ventures, for free! So I sent Katie out to collect a few and on October 27th Jenna, Katie and I had a girls night out at Nakasuk school to watch them play magical music. There was a lighting of the kudlik, throat singing and even a 'blue eyed accordion player from Pangnirtung.' Brody stayed with Stephen, Katie's husband, and he texted us to say Brody was asleep, right on time and went down easily.

Canada's National Arts Centre Orchestra in Iqaluit

 Its strange having a baby in the North. We've been practicing bundling up and enduring wind, though Brody still doesn't enjoy the wind part, even if its just a little. He gulps in air, closes his mouth and makes choking sounds while throwing his head wildly back and forth like hes suffocating. It hurts me to watch him so our outings have been limited and usually I amaq him in Katie's winter amauti or push him in the stroller, very bundled and covered with a rain and wind shield. Never the less, I am thoroughly enjoying this left over Hurricane Sandy weather, lots of snow for us and it is igniting the Christmas spirit in me.

Full moon

October ended after proving eventful in Iqaluit, we capped it off with a fantastic Halloween day that included caramel apples, Pillsbury Halloween cookies, a happy jackolantern and two very cute animals.

Halloweeners, my little owl and sad sad tiger

Oh, and Jenna met Polar Man, shes officially seen Iqaluit.

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