Monday, January 10, 2011

Dairy Free Iqaluit

There are no eggs, no containers of yogurt and no bread on the shelves of North mart today. I grabbed the last few branches of broccoli and had to leave without the salad mix that I have been craving for a week. It doesn’t bother me like it bothers some of my fellow Southern shoppers. In fact, it makes me laugh. I've also heard that we should stock up on toilet paper during the winter months, which is less of a laughing matter.

Life here can get dull so I find that anything different that takes place lights up my life with excitement. Even having to buy cartons of egg whites in lieu of whole eggs makes me smile.

I spent my day off out on the town with my friend Kayla today. We did the usual things you do when you have a day off. We stopped by North mart to check our mail basket, stopped in at the bank, then the post office. We picked up a passport application for Kayla who has never been outside of Canada and who I have convinced to take a vacation with me at some point in the next two years. You don’t know how badly you want to lounge on a hot beach until you’ve lived in the Arctic. Then we took a walk up to Nunavut Arctic College and acquired the schools program guide to see if any of the courses offered sounded interesting enough to enrol for.

This week I’m trying out closing shifts for a change. My daily routine has been getting a little dull and I wanted to spice it up. So far the spice has tasted a little funny. Working alone doesn’t work out so well for this social butterfly.

I miss my morning shenanigans with Emily. Every morning when Em takes a smoke break I accompany her in hopes that the sun will be shining. If it is, we venture a little closer to the water so that we can soak it up without the building in our way. With clumsy Emily by my side, laughter finds me no matter what. Out by the water the other day, I was demonstrating my Polar bear walk for her. It’s this silly walk I do so that I don’t fall through the ice and snow. Emily laughed but on the walk back up to the store she fell through thin ice and soaked her feet. I laughed uncontrollably. She never fails to say or do something that leaves me in stitches. I love her for the way she nonchalantly leans against things that always fall over, or says things like “these ass toning shoes make up for the donuts we eat.”

Here’s to matching Reebok shape ups. White so they go with our bakers uniforms.

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Julia said...

Hi Melissa.
(It is Julia) I really enjoyed reading your blog. It tells me how brave you are, I probably could not do it. I am really happy to know that you are having a good but cold time. Today Emma and I took Max for a walk. And boy was he happy, he was jumping in and out of the snow with a toy bird! Hope that you are doing well and you have lots of fun!