Friday, January 28, 2011

Green Grass

Let me first share with you the for casted temperature for tomorrow as found on environment Canada, a whopping minus 42 degrees Celsius, BEFORE windchill.

Back to the topic of the day... I moved to Iqaluit with a goal, to better myself. I didn't know how I would do it but I came and opened myself up to opportunities, people and places that could change me. I have been finding myself getting extremely tired. I work really awful hours. I start before the world wakes up when I work an opening shift and then I throw my body completely out of whack to work a closing shift. The insanity that is the hours of a baker money maker is keeping me from my social life which I think drains me even more.
I decided that to help keep myself refreshed and energized, I need to change some things up. Obviously I cant do anything about my work schedule, but I can do a few other things. Currently I am keeping my ears open for the opportunity that is a part time job. I am thinking about applying for weekend night shifts as a guard for the RCMP but I'm not sure if that might be too bad ass for me. It has also been a very cold week. Much to cold to walk to the RCMP building which is on the other side of town.
As well as the possibility of working another job I decided I need to work on my activity level. I am laughing out loud at the thought because it has been so long. I know it has a lot to do with my laziness, that, along with winter, the lack of oxygen here, which my body cant seem to adjust to, and the darkness.
So on top of utilizing the fitness room at work, I ordered Hip Hop Abs online. I know it's silly and you can laugh all you want. Here's the even funnier part... I already own it. However, I lent a couple discs out in one direction and couple more to someone else and then I moved here and figured it would be easier to re-purchase then try to have them found and shipped to me by family.
I don't plan on rock hard abs, perhaps just a little more energy and a change in routine, I'd also like to feel half decent about rocking a bathing suit on vacation in June. Yes, that's right, as long as our request is accepted, we will be leaving Iqaluit on June 19th for a few weeks. My plans include the cottage, my niece, every single one of my friends, including a night with my felstead sisters, family love fests and perhaps a last minute all inclusive somewhere VERY hot. Date nights, camp fires, church, and laying in green green grass. The grass that I know is greener over there, three hundred and sixty five days a year. I cannot wait to run my fingers through it and roll in it and just lay in it, under the heat of the sun. I am so looking forward to hearing birds chirp and having sidewalks to walk on. Curbs! Curbs exist in Ontario, so do supermarkets, seat belt laws and health foods. Ground flax and seeds. I miss having ground flax and cinnamon on my oatmeal, we don't sell the stuff. I also make a really fantastic loaf of seed bread, which has been missing from my life since my arrival to Iqaluit.
I think I could write a novel about the things I now know how to appreciate. But instead I'll stick to writing a vacation countdown and working on my hip hop abs.

So here's to coming home to you all, the nights I'm going to spend in the bars and bikini weather.

All my love from Iqaluit at -35 with wind chill

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