Wednesday, June 15, 2011

2 Days

I walked in the door half an hour ago after a twelve hour shift at work. I spent the day preparing papers, papers for this person and that person, papers everywhere. I am leaving behind lists for everyone so they may be a little less lost without me... although I am only tooting my own horn by saying so. In reality, they will be fine and I will be even more fine. While they put donuts in ovens and pull donuts out of ovens all day, I will be basking in the Southern sun, bathing in humidity, baking in heat that may just suffocate me wonderfully.

I flipped on the television to offer some background noise while I put away clean dishes and change the kitty litter, it turned on to the movie 'Julie and Julia.' I've seen it before, it is a feel good, inspiration of a movie. I turned it on as Julie was writing a blog, wondering aloud if anyone actually read her words. She saw that she had a comment and clicked excitedly to read it. It was from her mother and it "doesn't count," she said. It made me laugh as half of the comments left on my blog are in fact left by my mother.

Julie and Julia also reminds me of my dear friends from home. In pastry school, we studied the theories and styles of famous chefs and their work. My housemates and I studied Julia Child's work and of course watched this film during our research. As I sit here typing this out, I am beginning to miss the art of food. I miss fresh berries and fruits and turning them into perfectly sweetened reductions. Kneading bread, piping on elaborate wedding cakes and topping mousse cakes with rich ganache and delicately handmade chocolate fans.

I can nearly taste the memories and even the remaking of them when I land back in my home town in two days. I started this count down at one hundred and thirty nine days. I thought the day would never come. It is incredible how quickly time passes. Before we know it, I will be back on this tundra and I don't think that I'll start a count down to my next vacation, but I cant say for sure. Counting down certainly reminds me of the wonder in looking forward to something, a priceless way to keep life exciting.

There are about 42 hours until I am sitting on an airplane. There are three days until my first pedicure this year and a family barbecue with my mothers family. There are four days until I celebrate fathers day with my dad's side of the family. In five days, I will be a free woman and I intend to spend the majority of my day with my bare feet buried in fresh green grass. Southern Canada, here I come... and take me seriously when I say, watch out.

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