Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Longest Day

I was so looking forward to being in Iqaluit to send a picture home of the longest day of the year. I will not complain however because I got an even sweeter deal... I got to be home for vacation. A really great friend of mine, Nick, who I work with at Northmart happened to be up at 1:38 am on the 21st and took this picture for me from a window in his apartment. It was slightly over cast so not as bright as it could have been, but still, much brighter than it is down here in Southern Ontario in the middle of the night. The dark makes it much easier to sleep but the light of the Northern summer made my days feel never ending in the best possible way. I felt as though there was enough time in the day and for that reason I enjoy the light nights. 

(Thank you for the photo Nick, I miss you)

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