Saturday, June 11, 2011

My Amauti

Katie's mom, Julia, who lives back in Katie's hometown of Arviat, NU, recently sent me a beautiful amauti of my own. She had seen the pictures of me amaqing her granddaughter while I wore Katie's amauti. Of course it is the most wonderful, thoughtful gift I have been given in Nunavut. I nearly cried when Katie brought it over to me one night. I love taking Shemekia out in my amauti, she gets so relaxed and comfortable. Usually she falls asleep really quickly and I can hear her softly snoring from behind me.

Katie and Stephen's panik, Shemekia

Enjoying the view on the land with sleeping baby

Wearing her miniature amauti, amaqing her baby doll

Thank you so much Julia. All my love, from Iqaluit.

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